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Vampire Knight canon has a few crazy powers for Zero that when translated to RP can get borderline god-mode. With the number of vampires in this game, I just want to get some things in place so people understand exactly what these powers are, what he does with them and how it might translate to your characters plotty fun times.

I AM NOT HERE TO RUIN YOUR FUN! In fact, that's the very last thing I want to do. The more fun and mayhem your character makes, the more Zero has to do and the more CR he gets. This equals more fun for ME. Why would I want to ruin this?

Zero, on the other hand is something of a special cookie in canon. This permission post will double as something of a PSA for anyone who hasn't played with him yet. If your vampire character doesn't occasionally have some base CR with Zero--I'm doing something wrong.

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So--vampires of Kiseki have a stalker in their midst. Feel free to poke me if you want to play with him. I can be reached at sariesarita

Zero Kiryuu Character Stats

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Continuation from the Photo Day

[Zero places all the photos on the floor and waits for her to make her way into the room. He meant it when he said he didn't mind if she saw every single one of his photos. There were a lot of things he wouldn't have wished for her to see in the past, but things had changed.]

Night of Yuuki's concert...

Continuing on the night of Yuuki's concert

He'd known what to expect before Yuuki ever even opened her mouth to sing. During the time of their separation back home, he'd been put on a mission dealing with a pop idol and the behavior of her fans that were of the vampire community.

It had been about a thousand times worse than dealing with the human kids at the Academy when the night class had been in session. Riots, attacks, disruption of the peace and fights among fans were common at this vampires concerts. Her voice had literally 'turned on' the vampires and in their sexual frustration had aimed to get their emotions out in other ways. Zero had not been immune.

He'd warned her of the potential chaos she could cause. She hadn't listened and continued on her plans of singing for the inmates, so Zero had tried to treat this evening during the festivities as he would if it was someone else on stage. Business. A difficult feat when it was your own girlfriend on stage turning you on. Unlike it was for everyone else at that concert, she was more than attainable to him.

But he'd had to be patient. Standing off to the side, watching her flit around from friend to friend happily before returning to his side to check on him. Her movements had entranced him. The flow of the fabric from her skirt as she danced around drawing his attention. He forced himself to let her be 'everyone's' Yuuki, though all he wanted was to drag her off and prove that she was 'his' Yuuki.

Holding hands as they walked home, Zero only listened to her with half his attention and that bothered him. The only thing he could think about was getting her home. Just get her home and he could finally act on the emotions that were threatening to overwhelm him. He couldn't even look at her as they walked because he knew if he gave her his full attention, he'd be all over her in the middle of the facility. But he could tell from her voice that she was getting a little concerned about his actions tonight...

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friends - [laughing together]
on good terms - [our silver lining]
friends by association - [a smile passing by]

emerging friends - [tentative bonds]
former friends - [gone astray]
longtime friends - [for so long]

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